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Radhe Krishna!!

Welcome to the website of Kadayanallur Shree S.Rajagopal Bhagavathar.Shree Rajagopal Bhagavathar has been devoting his life for Namasankeerthanam from his childhood days.

His family has been in this Bhajan Sampradaya for many decades and he is in the fourth generation following this tradition. His way of presentation of Bhajans attracts not only the aged but also the younger generations. He is a staunch believer of Namasankeerthanam as this is the easiest way to reach God.

He has been performing Asthapathi, Kalyana utsavam, Divyanamam, Sasthapreethi etc. all over the world.

The Bhajans are being held in various places with enthusiastic participation of mass public irrespective of their age groups.

He has released many Audio CDs on Bhajan Sampradhaya which are available in all leading Musical retail stores.

All his upcoming events are being updated in this website. Live streaming of major Bhajan events are being done. Downloads of Bhajan songs and videos are available for those interested.


This is the Live program goin on at Nanganallur
Program details are as follows:


Shree Rajagopal Das is a descendent of Bhagavatha Family , upholding the hoary tradition of Bhajan sampradaya for the past four generations. Shree Shree Bruhmananda Saraswathi Swamigal ( known as Shree T.S.Sankara Subramanian Iyer prior to Sanyasa sweekarna) was a Sanskrit scholar well versed in Epics, Upanishads and Bhagavatham. He spread the Bhakthi movement among masses thro’ spiritual discourses. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Sri Rajagopal performing daily Poojas with Bhajans to the idol of Sri Rajagopal. Shree Bruhmananda Saraswathi Swamigal established a Mutt in the year 1920 to spread Bhakthi thro’ Sampradhaya Bhajans and encouraged his disciples, from his poorvasrama family, to follow the same. This is the present Shri Rajagopal Swamy Mutt in Kadayanallur. He covered all places from Kasi to Kanyakumari in his yatra and finally attained abode of the God on a Karthikai Ekadasi day. Shree Ramachandra Bhagavathar who is his next generation continued performance of these Poojas and Bhajans in various places on the same lines. Shree Seetharama Bhagavathar, son of Shree Ramachandra Bhagavathar continued these traditions with a step ahead of his ancestors by involving the body language of expression ( Abhinaya ) which attracted many younger generation and spread Krishna Bhathi. His Krishna Leela performance was liked by many people. Shree Rajagopal Das son of Shree Seetharama Bhagavathar ( named after his family deity) hailing from this Parampara, has been devoting his life in this Sampradhaya Bhajans since his childhood days.


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